Akuamma Seeds: The African Herb That Provides Safe and Natural Pain Relief

Akuamma Seeds may provide Natural Pain Relief

In traditional African medicine the social, spiritual, physical, and mental well beings are considered when an illness presents. If symptoms arise and an individual is sick, in African medicine each of the areas are addressed and treated instead of only treating the physical symptoms of an individual.

One of the major concerns in our country today is how to treat chronic pain, particularly without the use of addictive prescription drugs or surgery.   Akuamma Seeds are different than other opiates in that most of the alkaloids bind to kappa and delta opioid receptors versus the mu receptors that create “the high” that so many drug abusers seek. Because Akuamma Seeds bind to opiate receptors, these seeds provide natural pain relief to those who are suffering from painful and chronic conditions.

What Are Akuamma Seeds?

Akuamma Seeds are used as a form of natural pain relief and medicine in Africa. Akuamma is a part of the Picralima Nitida tree.  The seeds are composed of several alkaloid compounds that offer a wide spectrum of benefits.  This form of treatment has been used in traditional African medicine for decades.  Those who have received this treatment in Africa, have observed first hand the benefits that these seeds have on a variety of diseases and symptoms.  The seeds are also used to treat a variety of symptoms and diseases.  A few that have been documented are:  malaria, diarrhea, diabetes, and fever.  It is also thought to offer anti-inflammatory benefits as well as natural pain relief.

Are They Effective?

A journal article titled, “Pseudo-Akuammigine, an alkaloid from Picralima Nitida seeds, has anti-inflammatory and analgesic actions in rats” written by M. Duwiejua, E. Woode, and D.D. Obit.  The journal article was published in 2002 in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology.  The article reviews the benefits associated with Picralima Nitida seeds (Akuamma Seeds).  The study examined the benefits of Akuamma Seeds in rats who were induced with paw edema.  Rats were being tested, had an animal population.  The testing was completed using rats.  Those rates were then induced with specific physical signs that were then treated using Akuamma Seeds.  The main factor in this testing using rats, was to determine the effects of Akuamma Seeds on paw swelling.  The results of this study showed that, “Pseudo-akuammigine therefore exhibits anti-inflammatory and analgesic actions.  The analgesic actions are mediated via interaction with opioid receptors” (Duwiejua, Woode, Obiri, 2002).

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Bottom Line

Having an alternative herbal medicine that offers this extensive pain relief, provides hope to those individuals who suffer from chronic pain on a daily basis.  There are a lot of individuals in our society today that do not want to put synthetic, toxic pharmaceuticals into their bodies because of the negative outcomes that are associated.  When they determine that Akuamma Seeds have strong pain relieving properties it provides hope to those who have chronic pain.

There have been herbal remedies that many have devoted their lives to proving their benefits.  There have been countless clinical trials proving the effectiveness of natural herbal treatments as a standard of care in many diseases.  Therefore, the combination of traditional and herbal treatments can provide the patient with the best outcome. With the continued research on Akuamma Seeds, we can look to determine the long term benefits that this herbal medicine has to offer.  The future of medicine looks bright.

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