Mach8 Opens in Tulsa to Provide Lab Tested Herbs and Supplements

Mach8 Tulsa Health Herbs SupplementsNew health and wellness store, Mach8, opens in Tulsa to address herbs and supplements concerns.

TULSA, Okla., April 21, 2017 – In the wake of recent herbs and supplements fakery scandals at chain drugstores like Walgreens and GNC, the new health and wellness store Mach8 has opened to provide quality-tested herbal supplements in Tulsa.

“We saw what happened with those supplements scandals at other drugstores and knew we could provide something far better—the real deal—to folks in Tulsa,” said Tamara Session “Our entire reputation rests on the purity and efficacy of our health and wellness products like supplements, essential oils and home cleaning supplies.”

In 2015, the New York State Attorney General demanded that four chain drugstores, Walmart, Walgreens, Target and GNC, remove a wide variety of commonly-sold herbal supplements from their shelves. Authorities said independent lab tests discovered that more than a third of the herbal supplements these stores were selling did not even contain the ingredients listed on their labels, and that some of the additives they actually did contain could be harmful.

“We test and verify our products to make sure it is what the label says, and that it’s safe for our customers,” said Session. “We only sell 100% organic essential oils, herbs and supplements and also cleaning supplies for families around Tulsa. All of those conventional chemicals from the big brands are hurting people and our environment. We’re providing much safer, purer products. ”

Mach8 provides pure, laboratory-tested and certified herbs and supplements, essential oils, natural cleaning supplies and a wealth of knowledge about how to use these products in the home. To learn more, visit the Mach8 store at 7116 South Mingo Road Suite 102 in Tulsa or call 918-893-1768.